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Interesting Facts About Edgar Allan Poe.

Do you know the best Poe stories? Who is Edgar Allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe was an American author most known for his stories of mystery and the macabre. He was the first writer in the United States to earn a livelihood solely from his work. The unfortunate outcome was a life of poverty and difficulty for the family. Here we are

His reputation has now grown to include being generally acknowledged as the originator of the detective fiction genre and perhaps having planted the seeds for the creation of the science fiction genre.

Edgar Allan Poe continues to be cited often today, with the Mystery Writers of America awarding an annual Edgar Award for mystery genre literature to honor his contributions. However, he and his work are well-known.

Did you know that there are some interesting facts about Edgar Allan Poe are there. In this article, I will discuss the interesting and weird facts of his life and the best Poe stories.

If you be till the end, I can assure you that you will get to know every detail of Edgar Allan Poe.

Why Is Edgar Allan Poe Interesting?

Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer who lived during the nineteenth century and was considered one of the most significant and influential authors in the world. He was the first novelist to attempt to earn a livelihood as a writer on a professional level. Poe’s writing was heavily influenced by the events that took place in his immediate environment.

What Was It About Edgar Allan Poe That Made Him So Unique?

In addition to his poems and short stories, Poe is most renowned for his tales of mystery and the macabre. A key player in American Romanticism and American literature as a whole, he was also one of the country’s first practitioners of the short tale (he was born in 1830).

Interesting Facts About Edgar Allan Poe
Interesting Facts About Edgar Allan Poe

What Is It About Poe That Makes Him So Famous?

Edgar Allan Poe is generally regarded as the creator of the contemporary detective tale and a pioneer in the science fiction genre, yet he earned his livelihood as America’s first major literary critic and theorist, a position he held for more than a decade.

Currently, Poe’s fame is founded mainly on his terrifying stories of horror and haunting lyric poetry, both of which he wrote.

What Is Edgar Allan Poe Most Known For?

Poe’s most well-known works are

Poems – To Helen (1831), The Raven(1845), and Annabel Lee (1849)
Short tales of evil and crime- The Tell-Tale Heart (1843) and The Cask of Amontillado (1846). Supernatural horror story -The Fall of the House of Usher (1839).

What Are Five Interesting Facts About Poe?

Discover five interesting facts about Edgar Allan Poe:

1. He was orphaned when he was just three years old.

Edgar Poe was born in Boston in 1809 to actresses Eliza and David Poe, who were also actors. Following the birth of their son, the couple’s relationship was strained. The pair had married just six months before the death of Eliza’s first husband when she was 18 years old.

David developed an unhealthy connection with alcohol due to his jealousy over his wife’s success in the theatre. At only one year old, the Poe patriarch abandoned his job and his family after a difficult few months. Edgar was left without a father.

Unfortunately, Edgar’s misfortune did not stop with this incident. His mother died of TB in 1811, when he was just 24 years old. While his father’s whereabouts were unclear, Edgar, who was only one month short of his third birthday at the time, was essentially left as an orphan. Unfortunately for him, John Allan, a Virginia-based businessman, and his family took him in and raised him as their own. Even though the Allans legally fostered rather than adopted the little child, they gave him the name “Edgar Allan Poe.”

2. The raven, one of his most well-known poems, was immediately a success.

While Poe’s new identity would serve as his legal name for the rest of his life, he began using several pseudonyms in 1827. If you look at his early life, he went by the name “Edgar A. Perry;” when he worked as a newspaper writer, he went by the name “Henri Le Rennet;” and when he published his first book, Tamerlane and Other Poems, he gave simply the name “a Bostonian” as credit for the work.

During his professional writing career in the 1930s and 1940s, Poe, on the other hand, chose to go by his actual name rather than one he had assumed.

Over this decade, he established a reputation for his literary criticism, which was published in various newspapers and publications. But, most significantly, he became well-known for his narrative poetry, such as The Raven, which was first published in the New York Evening Mirror.

Poe composed The Raven in 1845, intending to create “a poem that should appeal to both the public and the critical taste at the same time.” It is the narrative of a student grieving the loss of his girlfriend in this sad drama.

Interesting Facts About Edgar Allan Poe
Interesting Facts About Edgar Allan Poe

Amid his sorrow over her death, he is faced by a talking raven, whose continuous repetition of the phrase “nevermore” gradually drives him insane.

The Raven was not the first, nor the last time Poe would write about the death of a young lover, as he would do in other works. Many of Poe’s most well-known works, such as Lenore (which recounts the tale of “the queenliest dead that ever died so young”) and Annabel Lee (which is said to have been inspired by Poe’s real-life wife), include this theme.

3. He Married His Cousin, Who Was 13 Years Old.

Poe met Virginia Clemm, a seven-year-old girl who happened to be his first cousin on his mother’s side, in 1829. After almost six years of living with the child’s family, Poe approached her mother and requested permission to marry the little girl, offering to financially support her and her extremely impoverished family in exchange for her consent.

She consented, and the next year, the 27-year-old tied the knot with the 13-year-old. It was 11 years later that Clemm died as a result of TB that they were still married.

Historians today are divided on the degree to which they were romantically involved with one another, with many believing that they had a connection similar to that of a brother and sister.

The prevalence of such arrangements is also debated; although some believe that first-cousin weddings were not uncommon during this period, many others believe that their age disparity would have been regarded odd at the time.

4. The reason for his death is currently undiscovered.

As a result of Clemm’s sickness, Poe suffered greatly. As she became more ill, he started consuming alcohol.

Even though it was at this period that The Raven established him as a household name, Clemm died only two years after the poem was published and left him with no way to enjoy and cope with his newfound celebrity.

Poe’s mental condition began to worsen progressively. In 1849, a man came upon him roaming the streets of Baltimore, confused and half-conscious of his surroundings.

He seemed to be wearing someone else’s clothes, and he kept shouting out the name “Reynolds.” It was a strange sight to see. Even though the delirious 40-year-old was brought to the hospital immediately, he died the next morning.

What was the underlying cause of the death? No one knows what happened today. Strangely, all medical documents have been destroyed, and there seems to be no trace of the death certificate’s existence.

As a result of these circumstances, Poe’s death is considered one of the most enigmatic in literary history—and therefore, a particularly appropriate conclusion for the author.

5. The first professional American writer, he is hailed as the Father of the American Novel.

To this day, Poe is hailed for his unique writing style and his groundbreaking approach to poetry and short fiction. He lived and worked in the United States does not detract from his international reputation; in fact, he is especially well-known in France, owing to an intensive translation effort by the 19th-century poet Charles Baudelaire.

Interesting Facts About Edgar Allan Poe
Interesting Facts About Edgar Allan Poe

In addition to his popularity in the United Kingdom, Poe is also popular in the United States. He is widely regarded as the country’s first professional writer after building out a distinguished career as a renowned critic and subsisting solely on the profits from his work as a poet and novelist.

On the other hand, Poe was not motivated to write by a desire to achieve professional success but rather by a passion for the craft itself.

For him, poetry was not a goal but rather a passion. He said in 1845, “Poetry has been not a goal, but a passion and the passions should be kept in reverence: they must not — they cannot be aroused at whim with an eye on the paltry compensations, or the much pallier commendations, of humanity.”

Edgar Allan Poe Fun Facts

  • He was a prolific writer
  • He invented a whole new field of study
  • A Shakespearean character is most likely the inspiration for his given name.
  • In the Poe family, poetry and the pen ran in the blood.
  • He was raised as an orphan
  • Poverty served as his inspiration.
  • He was considered a Prodigy
  • He had been Disinherited

What Weird Things Did Edgar Allan Poe Do?

  • His conflict with the city of Boston.
  • He was the bloodthirsty inspiration for the film “The Masque of Red Death.
  • He was the inventor of body horror.
  • For most of his life, the iconic mustache remained absent.
  • He became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

What Are Some Facts About Edgar Allan Poe’s Childhood?

His father and mother worked as touring performers. The family was living in squalor. By 1811, Edgar Poe’s father had abandoned the family, leaving Elizabeth Poe to care for him, his older brother Henry, and his baby sister Rosalie, all of whom were two years old. And things just got worse from there.

What Did Edgar Allen Poes Mother Do For A Living?

Elizabeth Arnold Poe was a gorgeous and accomplished actress who captivated the hearts of theatergoers throughout her period. She was born in England and immigrated to the United States with her mother, who happened to be an actress herself, in 1796.

Elizabeth worked as an actor in theatres from Boston to Charleston from when she was nine years old until she died at the age of twenty-four.

Who Was Edgar Allan Poe’s Wife?

Virginia Clemm and Poe were first cousins, and they were publicly married when Virginia Clemm was 13 and Poe was 27 years old.

What Did Poe’s Mother Do For A Living?

Edgar Allan Poe’s mother was an actress.

Best Poe Stories

  • The Cask of Amontillado
  • The Fall of the House of Usher
  • The Pit and the Pendulum
  • William Wilson
  • The Murders in the Rue Morgue
  • The Black Cat
  • The Masque of the Red Death
  • The Tell-Tale Heart
Best Poe Stories
Best Poe Stories

Edgar Allan Poe Education

Edgar Allan Poe attended college but did not complete his studies. In 1826, he enrolled in the University of Virginia but dropped out after a year.

Who Did Poe Marry, And What Happened To Her?

Poe’s wife, Virginia Eliza Clemm (née Clemm; August 15, 1822 – January 30, 1847), was Edgar Allan Poe’s second wife. Virginia Clemm and Poe were first cousins, and they were publicly married when Virginia Clemm was 13 and Poe was 27 years old.

Edgar Allan Poe Death Date

On October 7, he passed away. According to an enigmatically worded article in a Baltimore newspaper, the reason was “congestion of the brain.” Several hypotheses have been proposed as to the reason for Poe’s death. The most well-known is that he died as a result of problems related to his drinking.


Edgar Allan Poe’s work had a significant impact on Gothic and macabre literature long after his death, and it continued to captivate readers today. Even though his personality was mainly created by those who wrote about him, his image has endured as a symbol of mystery.

Even after his death, a medium claimed that she had received poems dictated by him. His fiancée, following his first wife’s death (Sarah Helen Wightman), said that she believed his soul was attempting to contact her via the medium.

Some of them may be wishful thinking, but for the time being, here are the top ten interesting facts about Poe!

I hope you found this article about Edgar Allan Poe’s facts about his life to be informative.

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How Many Balloons To Lift A Person

Have you seen the movie ‘Up’ especially a beautiful scene of flying house with the help of so many balloons along with Carl Fredrickson and Russell?

But, do you know that is possible in reality?

Wondering, how is it even possible and if it is and how many helium balloons to lift a person? Hold that thought because we are about to share super interesting facts that can shock you and excite you even more to get in details.

With that, tell us Have you ever seen Human Sized Balloons?

Brain wires crossed?

We are sure there must be lots of things going in your head about balloons and helium balloons.

So, whatever your questions are, after reading this we are sure you won’t have any questions left or even if you have something you can always write us and we would always reply.

So, lets break the seal and explore the fun!

Blasting Balloons

We have named this section as blasting balloons because we are going to blast plethora of information all right away!

So, without wasting time, know the answers to the questions

How Many Balloons To Lift A Person

Logic Says:

Balloons can lift anything even the house if condition suffice. And which is, the volume of the object in cubic feet.

So, when it comes to lifting humans, it brings a question on the average volume of a human in cubic feet?

Hence, keeping in mind about varying human weight and height, the weight of human on an average is considered to be 150lbs.

Here the density of human is considered to be 62.4 lbs per cubic foot as the human body is basically made up of water.

By knowing these, the average volume of a human in cubic feet would be about 2.4 cubic feet of volume.

Do you want to experiment? Well, currently. cost of helium per gram currently is 4.99.

You can take your chances!

Helium Balloons Story

Helium balloons are ones to float. Wondering why does helium float?

The reason to that is that they are lighter than air. The helium molecules are so small that they even tend to penetrate above the air.

Sounds scientific, right!

Now, moving ahead, tell us, do you know about Human sized balloons? Or ever thought what will be the dimensions of Human sized Balloons?

Strangely interesting questions, isn’t it!

Well, it does exist!

Using latex super strong balloons which also known to be human sized balloons are made available.

They are right about 72 inches balloons. These balloons are strong with extra thickness and wide neck opening so that you can fit yourself into the human sized balloons.

Do you know they are also called myth busters helium?

Let’s know more!

Helium in Human

Helium makes your voice all squeaky like a chipmunk and there is another voice altering gas too and it’s an ultra dense substance called sulfur hexafluoride. This makes your voice go all deep.

If you breadth in helium the pitch of your voice goes up as it is six times lighter than the air.

However, if you breadth in sulfur hexafluoride your voice sounds low as it is six time heavier than normal air.

So, tell us, how would you define your voice?

How Many Balloons To Lift A Person

Helium Balloon’s Power

The power of helium can be assessed in different questions. Here you go with the basics!

  • how much helium to lift 1 pound?

One pound equals 453.6 grams and since helium balloons can lift up to 14 grams.

So from this you can clearly find out that it will take nearly 33 helium balloons to lift a 1 pound object.

  • how much does Helium weight?

It turns out that helium is a lot lighter than air but it is significant. Therefore a litre of water weighs about 1,000 grams, while a litre of air weighs about 1 gram and a litre Helium weighs 0.1785 grams.

  • what is the total weight of the balloon plus the hot air inside it?

An average basket normally weights about 130-180 lbs.

Now considering an average hot air balloon, it weights between 280-430 lbs and that too without the inclusion of fuel tanks or any other equipment. In short, the hot air balloons can be much larger and can weight in thousands of pounds.

Helium Does Not Heal

You must be excited to get a helium tank for yourself and for the balloons. Then here is something you should know.

Consuming a lot of helium can even kill you cause as long as you are in helium it means that you lack oxygen. So if you get helium tank get it for balloons rather than getting it for yourself.

You might wonder how many balloons can a helium tank fill?

Depending on the tank size, the 8.9 sized helium tank has the capability to fill thirty, 9 inches latex balloons whereas the 9.5 sized helium tan can fill about thirty two, 9 inches latex balloons.

Some helium tanks also comes Helium balloon lift calculator, which helps to know about the lift that is going to be generated by the amount helium air being filled.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Helium balloons here are some questions which are frequently asked and answers are demanded.

1.How many balloons to lift a house?

Basically, it would take almost 10 million helium balloons to lift the small wooden house and it would take about 400 million balloons to lift a typical UK based house.

2.How many balloons does it take to lift a pound?

Therefore, one-pound equals 453.6 grams and since helium balloons can lift up to 14 grams. Thus, from this you can clearly find out that it will take nearly 33 helium balloons to lift a 1-pound object.

3.How many balloons does it take to lift a 60-pound person?

If it takes about 33 helium balloons to lift a 1-pound object, then to lift a 60-pound person it will take 1980 helium balloons to lift.

4.How many balloons does it take to lift a 70-pound person?

It is supposing to take about 2310 helium balloons to lift a 70-pound person.

5.How many balloons would it take to lift a 180-pound person?

To lift a 180-pound person it will take about 5900 helium balloons.

How Many Balloons To Lift A Person

6.How many balloons to lift a car?

Considering the car weight to be about 2000 lbs it would take about 66000 helium balloons to lift a car.

In The End

Considering your interest in helium balloons we have conducted the research and experimented to found out the exact measures of how many helium balloons to lift a person? How much helium to lift 1 pound?

Hope you make good use of our data and resources.

Read More-Want To Know The Reasons Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Babies

things you should know

Want To Know The Reasons Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Babies

Do hamsters eat their babies? Are you also curious about why do hamsters eat their babies if you touch them?

It seems like something out of a horror flick when you hear about a mother hamster eating her young. However, although it is conceivable, it is never a pleasant sight to see. There are a few choices when it comes to saving the babies, but you must go with care.

You won’t be able to save them all of the time, but you can do all in your power to prevent them from getting into a terrible position in the first place. There are a variety of explanations for why hamster mothers act in this way. Everyone involved must know what is taking on to save the lives of the babies.

So, why do hamsters eat their babies?

Mother hamsters are not as emotional as human moms under the same circumstances. A hamster mother can devour her young for a variety of reasons. why do hamsters eat their babies I have discussed the most significant grounds for such a horror flick in this article to help you understand.

How To Determine Whether Your Hamster Is Pregnant

Hamsters are capable of becoming pregnant once a month! Whenever you have both sexes together, it’s sure that a litter will result.

If you’re not sure if you’re pregnant, here are some symptoms to look out for:

Increasing abdominal circumference

A slight shift in one’s personality

Body language that is guarded

Unusual for her disposition

To avoid having a litter of puppies, be sure to keep the men and females apart at all times.

why do hamsters eat their babies
why do hamsters eat their babies

Are Hamsters Nocturnal?

Hamsters are nocturnal creatures. During the day, they sleep and become active in the evening, respectively. You’ll have to fool your hamster into thinking it’s nighttime while it’s only daytime outside. The use of light-blocking curtains, storing their cage in a closet, or simply draping a blanket over their cage are all effective methods of achieving this goal for your pet.

How Long Can A Hamster Go Without Food?

When left alone, a hamster may survive for about 3 to 4 days without eating or drinking. When you feed your pet on Thursday, you can be confident that your pet will still be healthy when you go for a long weekend away from them.

Can Hamsters Eat Peanuts?

Although peanuts should not be the primary source of nutrition for your pet rat, they may be added to your hamster’s meals or given to him as a special treat on occasion if you follow these guidelines. Peanuts are a good source of vitamin B, vitamin E, and niacin. However, this does not imply that you can toss a handful of peanuts at your hamster daily.

How Long Can Hamsters Go Wthout Water?

Contrary to common perception, hamsters are not any more or less capable of surviving without food and water than ordinary animals. They may only stay for a total of 1-3 days. As soon as they are forced to go without, they will get disturbed, eventually leading to illness.

How Many Babies Do Hamsters Have?

In normal circumstances, litters include 6 to 8 pups, and the young are weaned after about 21 to 28 days. Puppies are born without hair and eyes and ears closed; nevertheless, they are born with their front teeth (incisors) in place. In most instances, it is acceptable to begin handling the puppies gradually when they are about seven days of age.

Do Hamsters Smell?

Hamsters do not have an unpleasant odour. Their true nature is that they are spotless animals that despise being filthy and will clean themselves for as long as they are physically capable. On the other hand, Hamster cages are a whole different storey, and they are much more prone to stinking up the room than the hamster itself.

Do Hamsters Hibernate?

Hamsters only hibernate when the temperature is below freezing. As a general rule, if your hamster’s cage is near an open window or in a particularly chilly area of the room, raise the temperature gradually until it reaches above 20°C. 

How Long Can Hamsters Go Without Water?

Contrary to common perception, hamsters are not any more or less capable of surviving without food and water than ordinary animals. They may only stay for a total of 1-3 days. When forced to go without, they will soon get upset and eventually sick due to the situation.

Why Do Hamsters Eat Each Other?

Hamsters may be cannibalistic depending on the species since they are territorial. 

Do hamsters kill their babies if you touch them?

According to some sources, hamsters are perfectly natural in that they devour their young. The stress and anxiety involved with child-raising may be too much for some women, according to It is especially true of first-time mothers. We understand what you’re saying, mom.

What To Do If Your Hamster Is Eating Her Babies?

Placing food near the infant’s nest will let the mother get to it quickly and conveniently. Because she’ll be nursing her kids, she’ll need an additional source of nourishment. Ensuring she is well-nourished and hydrated will decrease her chances of murdering and devouring infants and young children.

Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Babies?

If you’ve observed that your mother hamster has inadvertently eaten one or more of her offspring, there is almost certainly an apparent reason for this. This phenomenon may be caused by a variety of factors ranging from hormones to interference. However, the following are the primary reasons why this occurs are:

  • Stress And Apprehension

When it comes to raising children, the stress and anxiety that comes with it may be overwhelming, especially for first-time moms. If the needs of her litter overburden your hamster, she may end up murdering the kids. The most effective method to prevent this terrible outcome is to provide mom and her litter with lots of alone time throughout the day. Spending excessive time near the cage, looking enthusiastic, or taking pictures may irritate the mother to the point where her offspring are killed. For at least ten days, except checking on the litter a few times a day, leave them alone as much as possible.

  • There Is A Lot Of Confusion About Scents.

The hairless and blindness of baby hamsters may make you want to reach in and touch or hold them, but refrain from doing so. Their lives, on the other hand, are placed at risk by doing so. The relationship between a mother and her children is mainly — almost entirely — determined by smell. If you come into contact with the infants, you will leave your scent on them.

It may cause the mother to become disoriented and lose recognition for her children, or it can cause her to think of them as unexpectedly defective. In any scenario, she has the option of rejecting and killing them. Holding or even touching a newborn hamster is not recommended due to the risk of compromising his smell.

  • Inadequate Food And Water

Mother hamsters are driven to make self-sacrificial choices that will benefit the group as a whole, especially when it comes to feeding their young. For your mother hamster and her litter to survive, they must have regular and adequate food as well as freshwater available.

If the mother believes that her resources are insufficient, she will begin to murder her offspring. To save her kids from dying of hunger or dehydration, she has an innate mercy reaction imprinted in her. Make sure she has access to adequate food and water for the whole group at all times.

  • Making Life Easier Is Our Mission.

If a mother hamster does not believe that she will be able to give adequate care and attention to her whole litter, she will select some of her offspring to be sacrificed due to this belief. She will reduce the herd until she has a more manageable waste to care for the mother and child properly.

why do hamsters eat their babies
why do hamsters eat their babies

What Can Be Done To Prevent The Hamster Pups From Being Eaten?

It’s sometimes difficult to intervene when a mother thinks that feeding her young is a viable choice for her offspring. However, you may rescue the infants 90 per cent of the time by not placing them in a situation where the mother feels she has to eat them.

Here are some of the most frequent scenarios, as well as how you may help preserve those infants by assisting the mother.

  • Do not put any pressure on the mother.
  • As a result, hamster moms are often found to be consuming their offspring. She will be irritated by the stress and difficulty of giving birth, mainly if it is her first litter and the fact that you are continuously checking on her.
  • Once you see that the mother is getting close to her due date (18-22 days after mating), begin providing her with much more food than usual, as well as bedding and nesting material
  • She will give birth in the most inconspicuous location possible or her hiding place, and you must leave her alone throughout this period. It’s best not even to enter the room. Fortunately, it will very always occur at night, when you are asleep.
  • Consequently, if you know your hammy is ready to give birth, proceed with caution while approaching her first thing in the morning. 
  • Ensure she is warm and well-nourished and that she has lots of quiet space where young children or other pets cannot reach her or harm her.
  • Before the woman gives birth, she should be provided with protein-rich foods.
  • If you discover that your hamster has given birth overnight, give her some protein to help her recover faster. It is the meal that will assist her in regaining her strength as soon as possible. Something nutritious for your hamster is fried egg whites or simple chicken cooked in its juices.
  • If you wish, you may leave her bits of chicken every evening until she gives birth, but it’s better not to feed her anything that would leave a delicious scent on the bedding just before she gives birth. There is a possibility that she will get confused about which one is a chicken and which one is her kid.
  • So only feed her chicken or eggs after she has given birth, and only when you are near her. Even if you are just there for a few minutes, make sure she completes the piece and does not end up with the infants.
  • Meanwhile, continue to feed her via the bars of the cage without putting your hand inside. You may provide her dry food by slipping a teaspoon between the bars or sprinkling some on her feeding dish.
  • She will have a food supply anyway, but now would be an excellent opportunity to provide her with additional supplies. Check out our food list post for a comprehensive list of safe items that you can feed your hammy.
  • In a big cage, provide enough room for the mother.It is something that will constantly come up, no matter what. Hamsters need a lot of space, and they require it in large quantities. The very bare minimum for a hamster cage is 24 by 12 inches, with a height of about 12 inches. That’s 61 x 30.5 cm and about 30.5 cm in height.
  • That is the bare minimum for a Syrian hamster, and it is also the bare minimum for a dwarf hamster, in my opinion.
  • An overcrowded cage will quickly become overcrowded if a hamster mother gives birth to 6-12 pups all at once. Even her big cage may feel a little claustrophobic for her at such times.
  • As a result, always provide your hamster with a spacious cage that is larger than you expect. You will want to breed with them later on, especially if she is a girl. You may learn more about hamster cages here, as you’ll receive a breakdown of all of the different kinds of cells and which ones are ideal for your hammy.
  • If you have two or more hamsters living in the same cage, remove the mother-to-be and place her in a separate, larger cage as soon as possible after she gives birth to the babies. Set some of her previous bedding and nesting material in her new temporary cage so that she may begin to adapt and feel comfortable as soon as you place her in it.
  • Do not disturb the mother or the cage for at least two weeks after the baby’s birth.
  • It is because the mother feels exhausted and agitated, especially because her kids are still tiny. Consequently, do not open her cage, change her bedding, attempt to place her in an exercise ball, or remove her from her young children.
  • Hamster moms will do all in their power to nurture and wean every one of their young, yet they may be easily scared and end up devouring their own young.
  • Additionally, it would help if you fed the mother as well. You may feed her through the bars with a teaspoon or drop some dry food into her dish.
  • Do not come into contact with the infants until the mother has weaned them (3-4 weeks)
  • When infants are this young, it’s a huge error to touch them without their permission. Generally, a newborn hamster can only be separated from his mother after 3-4 weeks, at which point he is ready to be placed for adoption.
  • When the mother pulls them away from her after they attempt to feed on her, you will know she has weaned the babies. While she is at this stage, you must supply her cage with even more food since the babies will now need ‘adult’ meals, like a food mix or any safe items from your refrigerator or pantry.
  • The act of touching or caressing the infants before they are weaned will cause the mother to believe that they are alien and not her children. She will either reject or consume them, so it is better to wait a few more weeks before trying again.
  • At all times, keep the father and his children apart from the litter.
  • If the father was in the same cage as the mother and unaware that she was pregnant, you should remove the father from the cell as soon as possible.
  • Dwarf pairings, in particular, maybe a source of surprises since their sex might be brutal to discern at times. Consequently, you may wind up with a male and female pair that will surprise you with a litter of puppies in the morning.
  • Attempts will be made by the father to get her attention, and the infants may be eaten or injured due to his efforts.
  • Hamster dads are not nurturing, and they will not tolerate their offspring for an extended period. Therefore it is better to remove him from the cage entirely. Keeping the male and female apart at all times is recommended if you don’t want any additional litters.
  • Keep them separate since hamsters may mate again shortly after giving birth to their offspring.
  • Some things are beyond your control and cannot be changed or saved.
  • Even if you do everything possible to keep the mother secure, warm, well-fed, not agitated, and on her own in a giant cage, she may consume at least some of her kids despite your efforts.
  • It is primarily due to mishaps, such as her biting too hard on the infant when she attempts to pick him up while trying to hold him. Alternatively, she may store the baby in her cheeks while moving and forget her kid.
  • It may seem terrible, but even tiny animals may become clumsy in this manner. If this occurs, there isn’t much you can do to prevent it. If the infant hasn’t been weaned yet, you should avoid touching it since the mother will reject it and devour the baby very much.
  • Unless, of course, you choose to raise the litter on your own, which is not a bad idea given how young they are. However, they will be deprived of the crucial contact they need with their mother to learn how to ‘be’ hamsters.
  • It is a susceptible subject and one that I am not going to touch here. The same may be said about hamster moms why do hamsters eat their babies who intentionally murder their kids because they believe their offspring have a physical defect, in the sense that they may be ill or have something wrong with their bodies that only she can diagnose.
  • If this is the case, she may decide to murder them since she believes they will not live on their own. It cannot be prevented, and although it is terrible, it is a reality that must be faced.
why do hamsters eat their babies
why do hamsters eat their babies


Even though it may break your heart, animals have distinct instinctive reactions to having kids. No matter what the cause was for your hamster eating their kid, it’s likely that you’ll find it challenging to comprehend.

It seems to be harsh and malicious, yet this is not the case. The most important thing you can do is create a secure, trouble-free, and private environment for mom. Make sure she has enough food and drink. Otherwise, try to be as little intrusive as possible throughout the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Hopefully, you will be able to settle the situation to avoid a repeat violation.

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