Have you seen the movie ‘Up’ especially a beautiful scene of flying house with the help of so many balloons along with Carl Fredrickson and Russell?

But, do you know that is possible in reality?

Wondering, how is it even possible and if it is and how many helium balloons to lift a person? Hold that thought because we are about to share super interesting facts that can shock you and excite you even more to get in details.

With that, tell us Have you ever seen Human Sized Balloons?

Brain wires crossed?

We are sure there must be lots of things going in your head about balloons and helium balloons.

So, whatever your questions are, after reading this we are sure you won’t have any questions left or even if you have something you can always write us and we would always reply.

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Blasting Balloons

We have named this section as blasting balloons because we are going to blast plethora of information all right away!

So, without wasting time, know the answers to the questions

How Many Balloons To Lift A Person

Logic Says:

Balloons can lift anything even the house if condition suffice. And which is, the volume of the object in cubic feet.

So, when it comes to lifting humans, it brings a question on the average volume of a human in cubic feet?

Hence, keeping in mind about varying human weight and height, the weight of human on an average is considered to be 150lbs.

Here the density of human is considered to be 62.4 lbs per cubic foot as the human body is basically made up of water.

By knowing these, the average volume of a human in cubic feet would be about 2.4 cubic feet of volume.

Do you want to experiment? Well, currently. cost of helium per gram currently is 4.99.

You can take your chances!

Helium Balloons Story

Helium balloons are ones to float. Wondering why does helium float?

The reason to that is that they are lighter than air. The helium molecules are so small that they even tend to penetrate above the air.

Sounds scientific, right!

Now, moving ahead, tell us, do you know about Human sized balloons? Or ever thought what will be the dimensions of Human sized Balloons?

Strangely interesting questions, isn’t it!

Well, it does exist!

Using latex super strong balloons which also known to be human sized balloons are made available.

They are right about 72 inches balloons. These balloons are strong with extra thickness and wide neck opening so that you can fit yourself into the human sized balloons.

Do you know they are also called myth busters helium?

Let’s know more!

Helium in Human

Helium makes your voice all squeaky like a chipmunk and there is another voice altering gas too and it’s an ultra dense substance called sulfur hexafluoride. This makes your voice go all deep.

If you breadth in helium the pitch of your voice goes up as it is six times lighter than the air.

However, if you breadth in sulfur hexafluoride your voice sounds low as it is six time heavier than normal air.

So, tell us, how would you define your voice?

How Many Balloons To Lift A Person

Helium Balloon’s Power

The power of helium can be assessed in different questions. Here you go with the basics!

  • how much helium to lift 1 pound?

One pound equals 453.6 grams and since helium balloons can lift up to 14 grams.

So from this you can clearly find out that it will take nearly 33 helium balloons to lift a 1 pound object.

  • how much does Helium weight?

It turns out that helium is a lot lighter than air but it is significant. Therefore a litre of water weighs about 1,000 grams, while a litre of air weighs about 1 gram and a litre Helium weighs 0.1785 grams.

  • what is the total weight of the balloon plus the hot air inside it?

An average basket normally weights about 130-180 lbs.

Now considering an average hot air balloon, it weights between 280-430 lbs and that too without the inclusion of fuel tanks or any other equipment. In short, the hot air balloons can be much larger and can weight in thousands of pounds.

Helium Does Not Heal

You must be excited to get a helium tank for yourself and for the balloons. Then here is something you should know.

Consuming a lot of helium can even kill you cause as long as you are in helium it means that you lack oxygen. So if you get helium tank get it for balloons rather than getting it for yourself.

You might wonder how many balloons can a helium tank fill?

Depending on the tank size, the 8.9 sized helium tank has the capability to fill thirty, 9 inches latex balloons whereas the 9.5 sized helium tan can fill about thirty two, 9 inches latex balloons.

Some helium tanks also comes Helium balloon lift calculator, which helps to know about the lift that is going to be generated by the amount helium air being filled.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Helium balloons here are some questions which are frequently asked and answers are demanded.

1.How many balloons to lift a house?

Basically, it would take almost 10 million helium balloons to lift the small wooden house and it would take about 400 million balloons to lift a typical UK based house.

2.How many balloons does it take to lift a pound?

Therefore, one-pound equals 453.6 grams and since helium balloons can lift up to 14 grams. Thus, from this you can clearly find out that it will take nearly 33 helium balloons to lift a 1-pound object.

3.How many balloons does it take to lift a 60-pound person?

If it takes about 33 helium balloons to lift a 1-pound object, then to lift a 60-pound person it will take 1980 helium balloons to lift.

4.How many balloons does it take to lift a 70-pound person?

It is supposing to take about 2310 helium balloons to lift a 70-pound person.

5.How many balloons would it take to lift a 180-pound person?

To lift a 180-pound person it will take about 5900 helium balloons.

How Many Balloons To Lift A Person

6.How many balloons to lift a car?

Considering the car weight to be about 2000 lbs it would take about 66000 helium balloons to lift a car.

In The End

Considering your interest in helium balloons we have conducted the research and experimented to found out the exact measures of how many helium balloons to lift a person? How much helium to lift 1 pound?

Hope you make good use of our data and resources.

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