You move your body because you have muscles. There is a muscle behind each and every movement of your body, from the movements of your hands or legs to chewing your food. And all the muscles have a name.

You know a few of them like biceps, triceps, lattice, but have you ever heard about the quadriceps?

Here in this article, I shall tell you all the interesting facts about the muscle system of human body.

How Does The Muscular System Help Humans Maintain Posture?

Postures like standing, or sitting, are maintained by the muscular system of the human body. We can sit, walk, stand, or can move our body because of muscle contraction.

Interesting Facts About The Muscle System

The movement or the postures of our body is possible because of the skeletal muscles.

Those muscles are continuously adjusting themselves which holds our body in each and every position.

But how does this happen? This happens because the tendons of numerous skeletal muscles extend themselves over the joints of the bones. This helps the joints in being stable.

All the muscles are constantly contracting and relaxing which helps us to make postures going against the gravitational force of the earth.

What Type Of Muscle Tissue Is Important In Digestion?

The muscles which help us in digesting food are called the visceral muscle. These muscle lines are the muscles that you find in the blood vessels, and stomach. This is one of the weakest muscles of the human body, but one of the most important ones too!

This muscle helps us to move the food through the digestive system as well as this muscle maintains our blood circulation through our blood vessels.

How To Care For The Muscular System

Muscles are one of the most important body parts of humans. Unhealthy or damaged muscles can cause severe health problems.

That’s why you need to take utmost care of your muscle system. Here I am stating 5 ways to keep your muscles fit and healthy.

1.High-protein diet

Taking a high-protein diet is one of the most effective ways to keep your muscles healthy. Foods like poultry meat, egg, milk, fish, nuts, etc. are the best diet for your body for their high-protein efficiency. Protein has amino acids which build blocks of the human body and repair tissues of the muscles.

2.Active lifestyle

An active lifestyle is a key to staying fit and keeping your muscles healthy. Make a habit of regular exercise. Go for a morning walk, do some free-hand exercise, have healthy food, and avoid vices to keep a healthy and fit body.

3.Healthy bones

If your bones are not healthy, your muscles will be weak too. To keep your bones strong, intake a good amount of calcium and do some weight training as the bones respond very well to this kind of exercise.

4.Hormonal balance

Testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid hormones have a heavy impact on your bones and muscles. So it is very important to keep these hormones in balance as per your age. Change your food habit as you grow old to keep a balance of these hormones.

5.Decrease alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol is the major foe of muscle health. Alcohol can create difficulties for your body in digesting food nutrients. So it is better for your muscles to decrease your alcohol consumption limit.

 Care For The Muscular System
Interesting Facts About The Muscle System

Does The Muscular System Produce Heat?

The muscular system of the human body does produce heat because it maintains our body temperature. Almost 85% of the body heat of humans comes because of the contraction of the muscles.

How Does Skeletal Muscle Tissue Contribute To Body Temperature

The muscular system of the human body produces almost 85 percent of body heat. But if the body heat comes down below optimal levels anytime, then the skeletal muscles come into action.

At this particular time, the skeletal muscles increase their activity to produce heat to match the level of body heat.

Which Of These Is Not A Function Of Skeletal Muscles?

The skeletal muscles have three major functions in locomotion, protecting important organs, and producing body heat at the time of emergency. But production of body heat is not a major function of skeletal muscles. It produces body heat only in the time of emergency.

Check All That Are A Function Of Skeletal Muscle Tissue

Skeletal muscles have three major functions.


Skeletal muscles continuously contract themselves to fight against gravity to maintain all the postures of the human body like walking, sitting, running, etc.


Skeletal muscles protect important organs of the human body by covering them from external damages.

3.Body temperature

Skeletal muscles produce body heat by muscle contraction at the time of emergency. Whenever the body temperature goes down below optimal level, the skeletal muscles come into action. So skeletal muscles help maintain body temperature in that times of emergency.

Diseases of Muscular System

Muscular systems may suffer from diseases like –

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Myopathy
  • Myositis
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Charcot-Marie (Tooth disease)
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Spinal muscular atrophy


1.What type of muscle tissue is important in digestion?

Visceral muscle tissue. These are the smooth muscle lines you can find inside the blood vessels and organs like the stomach. They help in the movement of the food inside the digestive system.

2.Which of the choices below is not an essential role of salts in the body?

  1. Controlling sodium level
  2. Controlling Iodine level
  3. Producing RBC
Fun Facts About Muscular System
Interesting Facts About The Muscle System

ANS – option C.

3.Which of the following describes the suprahyoid muscles?

A. Skeletal muscles

B. Visceral muscles

C. Pharyngeal muscles

ANS – option C.

The 4 muscles above the hyoid bone of neck are called the suprahyoid muscles. These 4 muscles are – 1. Digastric 2. Stylohyoid 3. Geniohyoid 4. Mylohyoid

20 Fun Facts About Muscular System

  1. If there are no muscles in your body, you won’t be able to move even a bit.
  2. Absence of visceral muscles will result in digestive problems.
  3. Muscles are protecting your organs.
  4. Muscles help you to maintain the body temperature at the time of emergency.
  5. Your muscle count is 3 times more than the count of your bones.
  6. Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle. It is the muscle which is located at your buttocks.
  7. Your inner ear is the smartest muscle of your body.
  8. The jaw muscle is the strongest muscle.
  9. Muscles are connected with your bones by tendons.
  10. 40% of your body weight consists of muscles.
  11. The heart of your body is nothing but a muscle.
  12. Eye muscles are the busiest muscles.
  13. The body heat comes from the contraction of the muscles.
  14. The muscle movements are controlled by the motor cortex of your brain.
  15. Muscles work as a couple.
  16. Muscles cannot push. They only pull forward and backward.
  17. There is at least one muscle behind every single movement of your body.
  18. Each muscle has a name and a unique job to do.
  19. Muscle diseases can cause even paralysis of your body.
  20. Your tongue is nothing but a muscle too!


These are the interesting things about the muscles of your body. Hope this article will help you to understand your muscles in a much better way. All the best!

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